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Taylor Law Firm puts its clients first and has done so since it was founded by attorney Calvin Taylor in 1993. He is joined at the firm by attorney Josh D. Taylor. Our firm offers our clients a level of skill, experience and dedication that helps them secure outcomes that let them move forward with their lives. Our ties to the local community and the legal community are deep. Along with our experience and skill, that local knowledge helps us create the results our clients need.

Our firm provides skilled and effective criminal defense against a wide range of charges, including:

  • DUIDrunk driving is one of the most serious crimes that most people ever face in their lives. Having skilled and experienced representation to defend you against those charges can save you substantial money and protect your driver's license.
  • Drug charges — The penalties for a drug conviction are generally very serious. Extensive prison sentences are common. You owe it to yourself to make sure that your attorney can provide you with the highly effective defense you deserve.
  • Violent crimes — Domestic violence, assault, murder and all other violent crimes are taken very seriously by the government. You deserve an attorney who is dedicated to helping you secure the best possible outcome to your case.
  • Theft — Shoplifting, robbery, burglary and all other types of theft charges can cause challenges for people because such crimes are viewed as marks of dishonesty. It can be hard to secure work, for example, with a theft conviction on your record. We can help you fight your theft charges.
  • Sex crimes — No criminal conviction damages your reputation and your future as severely as a sex crime conviction. The conditions that registered sex offenders have to live under are very difficult. Only by putting up the best fight now can you avoid that future. We can help.

We also help people put their criminal records behind them by securing expungements.

Revocation Hearings/Probation Violations

Probation often sounds preferable to jail. But, living under the conditions that can be part of probation can be extremely difficult. One simple mistake can have you facing charges of violating your probation and possibly going to jail. If you have an upcoming revocation hearing, you need to take steps to protect yourself. Secure the representation of a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to help you stay on probation.

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