Helping You Leave Your Past Behind

No one should have to continue to pay for past mistakes after he or she has paid his or her dues. Unfortunately, for people with a criminal record, the past is always present. A criminal conviction or even arrest records can create challenges that can keep you from being able to build the future you deserve.

From job applications to applying to colleges or trade schools and for leasing an apartment, a criminal record can have a devastating impact on your life economically and otherwise. Being able to put your criminal record in the past is the best way to give yourself a clear path toward the future.

The Right Lawyers For The Job

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they can build an effective petition for an expungement. Securing the help of an attorney who understands what the judge will be looking for can help ensure that you are able to move past the obstacles that have stood in your way.

A Family Law Firm Helping The People Of Our Community Since 1993

Taylor Law Firm understands the challenges people face when their criminal record is preventing them from building a positive future. We are committed to helping people secure the expungements they need. Our firm was founded by attorney Calvin Taylor in 1993. His nephew, attorney Josh D. Taylor, joins him at the firm offering skilled representation. We know our local courts and have deep ties to the community. We are invested in serving the needs of the people we call our friends and neighbors.

Expungements Attorneys Serving Pascagoula And The Surrounding Areas

For the help you need to secure an expungement, turn to Taylor Law Firm. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 228-471-4459 or contact us online.